ICM Week 1

First ever ITP post here! Transitioning from fine art into coding has been tough so far. Instead of directly applying paint I have previously mixed on a palette into the shape of a fish on a canvas, drawing in p5.js editor had similar process but in a complete different language. I created a mini aquarium because I like to collect underwater video footages. It was especially difficult to get the position and size of each bubble right. I had to test out several numbers. However, it took me the longest to get the color I want in each shape as well as the decorative grass at the bottom. I couldn’t figure out a way to repeat the triangle on its own so I had to duplicate and change the parameter one by one.

As an artist, I create videos about emotions generated by personal and public spaces. To further enhance my work, I realized that I need to change the act of “looking at moving images” to “experiencing both the emotional and physical space” and computation becomes the answer. It allows interactivity between art and its audience and reduces the separation between the two. I haven’t had the chance to see teamLab’s show yet but I am intrigued by the sensations they scrutinize via their work.

Using “Resonating ​Forest​ in the Castle Ruins Mountain” as an example, the color of the tree changes and resonate outward to the surrounding trees when visitors approach. The direction of light wave signifies the presence of a person in the space which heightens the audience’s awareness of others’ presence in the same space. This is a subtle yet beautiful way of communication between strangers without any exchange words. The installation also provides a space for one to explore the sensibility of oneself.

I find teamLab’s art incredibly inspiring and hope to experience their installations in person and meet them one day (will even be better if I can get a chance to work with them!) As for this class, I don’t have a specific project in mind at the moment but my goal is to build solid skills on programming to segue into an immersive installation later on in the year.

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