Swiss Cheese Wheel

Food is such an important part of my life. I am always in the hunt for new recipes and restaurants. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to cook or eat out (proper dinner) and hence I decided to dedicate this week’s project to my love of food.

I made a Swiss cheese wheel! I initially thought about first forming a piece of wood into a round shape before dividing them into five slices. However, I realized that parts of the wood will be lost in each cut and hence I wouldn’t be able to put them back into a circle in the end. Therefore, I traced five 72 degree halves with a protractor (not sure what the shape is called) individually.

I then used the bandsaw to cut them as close to the tracing line as possible and sanded them to the exact angle and arc.

Moving on, I used drill press to create cheese holes.


For coloring, I painted them with two different yellow acrylic paint (dark on the outside and light on the inside).

And….here comes my Swiss cheese wheel!


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  1. Great work. The paint job really sells the piece, good choice.

    Nice job cutting those shapes on the bandsaw, that isn’t easy. I’m curious why you didn’t use the straight edge of the original wood stock as one of your straight edges of the cheese.

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