ICM Week 3

For this week’s assignment, I got to swap sketches with Haiyi. She created a drawing of grey polka dots in columns that’ll appear onto the screen in respond to mouseX.

I kept the same concept of polka dots appearing when the mouse enters but changed from mouseX to mouse Y so that the ellipses are moving according to Y. It took me a really long time to figure out the correct parameters for making and filling the ellipses because I had to change the Y value in all 10 ellipses to get the end result (got much help from the Aarón). I also decided to add some color to the greyness and made each row of ellipses a different shade. It is now a drawing of rainbow polka dots!


What Haiyi and I did for this exercise was still mainly hardcoding which made making any minor changes very difficult. The entire code appeared to be rather messy due to all the values I declared in the beginning. I hope to learn more about efficient ways of organizing my code later on in class.

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