Panda Express Take-Out Box

Halloween is only a month away! My friends and I are planning on dressing up as different fast food characters. I am going to be Panda Express and hence I thought I’d use this assignment to complete part of my costume.

Instead of using existing Chinese take-out box template online, I was being overly ambitious and decided to customize one. It took me a really long time to figure out the measurements for the sides the box as well as the top closure (it didn’t turn out perfect but I was at least able to close the box).

I made a few prototypes to better visualize if different parts of my sketch matches with each other as well as testing out the measurements.

Moving on, I created my sketch in Illustrator with Panda Express’ logo on both sides of the box.

On to the laser cutter!

The logos were nicely etched onto the paper.

I then used a tool (don’t remember the name of it) to trance out the bending line before assembling the box.

Here comes the box!

I also made a pair of chopsticks with my Instagram account on it.

I then thought that opening up an empty take-out box would be quite upsetting and hence I made noodles with yellow and orange felt.

And…. here’s the complete Panda Express take-out experience!


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  1. Nice work, I like how you paper prototyped first, good idea. Also glad you did your own original Illustrator file, you learn a lot that way.
    Nice use of felt and making your own chopsticks.

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