Jerry the red nose mouse

I’ve been wanting to combine physical computing and fabrication project since the beginning of the semester but haven’t had the ability to try it out until now. For this week’s enclosure assignment, I decided to create a mouse with a switch as its nose that will turn its red LED eyes on when it touches an object.


I initially wanted to get a whisker switch for the nose so that it’ll be more sensitive to objects but couldn’t get them in time through Adafruit so I ended up using a roller switch. 

Testing out the LEDs.

Sketching the body of the mouse.

Ears and front view of the mouse.

Cardboard prototype – front

Cardboard prototype – side

Cardboard prototype – fitting

I like the idea of seeing through what is happening on the inside and hence I got clear acrylic sheets to build the enclosure.

Here comes Jerry the mouse.


He loves cheese!

I hope to find a way to link all of my projects together. With yellow as the common color I made for my Swiss cheese wheel and felt noodle from Panda Express takeout box, my next step will be to add color sensor to the mouse so that its eyes will only turn into red when it senses yellow. I probably will build a bigger mouse (or another animal) so that I will have room to mount Arduino.

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  1. This turned out great, nice work and documentation. You added a lot of personality to your enclosure. Where did you get the standoffs from? What is the tail made of?

    I wonder if you got a slightly tinted acrylic if it would add something to the mouse.

    Also, if you solder a small perf-board instead of using a breadboard, you will have a lot more room for an Arduino going forward.

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