ICM Week 4

Can’t believe that it has been almost a month since I started learning coding. I struggled with it everyday and wanted to jump into conclusion that it is just not for me. It didn’t take me long to become proficient with video and sound editing programs but I don’t know why coding is taking so long!


Anyway,  I decided to revisit the very first screen drawing I made for this week’s assignment. I am now able to draw the grass pattern without hardcoding every single variable. I also organized codes for the fish as well as bubbles into individual object which allows movement to happen more efficiently.  However, I couldn’t figure out a way to randomized the color of the fish each time the mouse is pressed. I adjusted the RBG value but the fish only turned into different greyscale after the first press. I also couldn’t figure out a way to loop the floating bubbles. Do I add the loop in the bubble function or draw?

Slow progress… but at least I made some minor improvements. Hope I can be more positive next week!

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