Mousin’ around

I’ve been wanting to come up with a creative application from what I learned from each week’s lab yet I didn’t feel comfortable doing so with my limited experience in programing as well as physical computing. It was until just now that I began to develop a better understanding in  electric circuits and hence I decided to make my first attempt in creating something fun this week!

I know I am a little slow on making progress in pcomp… but here’s my creative switch “Jerry the red nose mouse” taking what I learned from the very first lab activity.

Jerry’s eyes will turn red as soon as it touches an object. For my next step, I wanted to use color sensor so that Jerry’s eyes will only turn red when he senses the color yellow and also added wheel to his legs so that I can drive it around. Hopefully that will not be too advance for me to do later on in the semester.


In other news, here’s documentation of this week’s lab:

Servo motor control

Tone output

Making it sing!


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