ICM Week 5

I spent a lot of time reviewing old materials before watching new videos this week and doing so allowed me to clear up a lot of confusions I had earlier this semester. Although I couldn’t make everything I wanted to make happen in this week’s assignment, I am quite happy with my creation for the first time!


My original concept was to make a variety of patterned paws reaching for the fish on random x positions and once the y position of the paw reaches the top layer of the table, the text “BAD CAT” will appear on the screen. However, I couldn’t figure out how to separate the two different patterns I made within one class. I also set the paws’ y position as a toggle to text whenever it is less than half the height which refers to the top of the table yet it didn’t work out. Hope I will be able to resolve these two issues after today’s class!



p.s. In case it wasn’t clear enough, I didn’t make the fish! It was a found image with some minor editing I did through Illustrator.

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