Peeling a Banana

I had many ideas as soon as I learned about the material and fasteners assignment (mostly silly objects which seems to become a reoccurring theme in my work). The combination of felt and magnet is what I decided to work with this week. With the unique nature that magnet carries, I made a banana that can be peeled and reversed.

My initial idea was to make four pieces of peel as one object and attached a short strip of magnet to the tip of each peel. For the banana meat on the inside, I was planning on attaching a whole strip of magnet around the tip of the banana meat. As for the magnet attachment method, I wanted to avoid super glue (or something similar) since that appeared to be the only option after doing some research. After some brainstorming, I decided to make small magnet holder to stitch them to the fabric.

Study on a real banana prior to the making.

Study on a real banana peel prior to the making.


Tracing the banana

Tracing the peel

I ended up using a bigger magnet because magnet strips are not strong enough to generate magnetic field especially after the separation of felt in between. I also scaled down to 2 pieces of peel instead of 4 due to time constraint.

I cut out round shaped felt slightly larger than magnets to use as magnet holders to keep them in place.

Side view of the layers before assembly

I have only used the sewing machine once more than 7 years ago and I wanted to take this opportunity to try it out again. Although I still had to manually enclose the tip of each peel, it definitely saved a lot of time. For the banana meat, I stuffed cotton in it and then manually stitched the entire object due to the close distance between the magnet and the edge of the felt.

Side view of the banana before stitching the bottom quarter of the peel together

I enclosed the bottom part of the peel to held the meat in place.


Peeling time!

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  1. Great work and documentation. I really like the whimsical projects you are making, keep going in this direction, it’s working for you.

    I think you could make a whole line of peeling fruit kid toys. Apples, oranges, pears.

    The magnets work great, but they do make stronger types called rare earth magnets. They are smaller and much much stronger. They may work for future projects.

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