ICM Week 6

Many new materials to learn this week! Even though I understand the concepts of HTML and Javascript, I am still a little unclear as to how to differentiate the two elements since you do construct most of them in Javascript. For the assignment, I tried out some DOM elements such as mouseOver, mouseOut, slider and button. I didn’t come up with that much text to play around with in css but will incorporate more next week!

I am quite happy with what I made this week. It’s rather simple but I am satisfied with my progress!

The camera lens will zoom in and out according to the slider. The dual background color is generated by mouseOver and mouseOut. Whenever you “snap” a photo, a new file will be shown on the screen with a random number. I thought about doing it on the count of 1 and onwards but didn’t know how to do so and hence I used round up random numbers. I also wanted to randomize background color yet no matter what RBG value I set, it would turn into greyscale after one click. Hopefully, I will be able to resolve these two problems after tomorrow’s class.

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