The Beginning

First animation group project! I was so excited about this class because I am a video artists and there are so many tools/topics (especially slow motion) I am interested in learning!

My teammates (Fanchi and Max) and I decided to use different stages of pregnancy as the core of our video.

Storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

I made these ice cubes with water beads, food coloring, egg yolk and egg shells to represent chromosomes.

We used a mechanic arm to get the perceptive we want for the shot.

Filming process 1: melting ice cubes slowly with a hairdryer

Filming process 2: messy view from behind the scene

Filming process 3: ice cubes almost done melting with only the red and blue water beads left as the “selected”.

Filming process 4: water beads slowly expanding as they absorbed water.

Filming process 5: water beads as a bowl of musli

Filming process 6: Max ready to devour some musli

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