Annoying Banana (WIP)

For my Pcomp final project, I want to expand on a toy banana I made in my previous fabrication class.

Instead of two peels, I want to make a bigger banana with four peels to have bigger space to fit the circuit and micro controller. The banana will scream out different lines as you peel it (flex sensors attached to each peel as the switch). For audio, there will be two scenarios, one is anger and the other sexual. The two scenarios will be randomly selected as the user interact with the banana. Below were first draft of scenarios I used for play testing.

I received  much constructive feedback from play testing this past Wednesday. Danny suggested to expand layers of storytelling with each act of peeling revealing a deeper connection in how relationships are formed. Many people also enjoyed the randomness in scenario selection and suggested to develop more to encourage continuous user interaction. I think both suggestions are great but I’m not sure if I can figure out a way to bridge the two together.

Another question in design decision came up during play testing is the attachment of peel to the banana meat. I stitched magnets to both the meat and peel for the toy so that it can be peeled and reversed. On one hand, I thought about keeping the magnets as the “analog” switch to retain the same interaction. On the other hand, it could also be an unexpected experience to insert measuring tape into the peel so that it will flip back in place as soon as the user let go of it. Some people thought the latter defies the natural way of peeling a banana while others made a valid argument that users might not always put the peels back in place after they completed the interaction.

Above are decisions I need to make before next class in order to move forward. Below is the current bill of material for Annoying Banana (working title, another contestant is “peel me gently”). I was planning on using flex sensors as the audio toggle but was also considering benefits of a digital “on/off” switch if I want to develop continuous scenarios and hence I purchased both to experiment with.


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