Baenana (final documentation)

It has been a long, tough and fun journey making Baenana. From sourcing to scaling and then to content, a lot has changed throughout the process.  Baenana is now almost as big as a human baby that reveals a line of a story of modern day dating as you peel her.

I followed the instruction on Test DFPlayer Mini MP3 Module to build the circuit and adapted part of the code.


I had the honor to show Baenana in ITP 2017 Winter Show. It was fascinating for me to see how people respond differently with my project. 7th grade audience really love the appearance of a banana and enjoyed the interaction of peeling that toggled the sound yet did not necessary pay attention to the story. Older audience were more interested in what Baenana was saying. Quite a few people stayed to listen to the whole story which was broken down into 38 lines. They told me that it was a very “New York” experience and that they could totally relate. A few people also asked what my next step is for this project. I didn’t think much about whether or not I want to continue developing this project but was humbled by all the positive feedback.

Coming into ITP without knowing any programming, it was definitely not an easy semester. This project took much longer to make than expected and is still not perfect. However, I am very proud of what I have accomplished!

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