Soma Tarot

Erin and I decided to partner up for our meditation project! We are interested in how tarot cards can be interpreted through body movements and hence we created our own Soma Tarot.

Like how fortune telling is commonly set up, Soma Tarot is designed for one-on-one interaction between the user and the e-cards. Once the project file is opened, the user will first click on the card on the left which represents the past. A video that represents a tarot card will then reveal itself. The user will synchronize him or herself to the movement. The user then repeat the same procedure for the middle and right card.

We only have 6 different Soma Tarot cards completed for now but we plan to continue choreographing movements for the entire deck of cards. We are also working on our own interpretations for each card and will later import voiceovers to each video.

Ideally, we want to create a private space that will only allow one user to enter at once so that they will feel more comfortable to dance and are able to keep their “readings” to themselves. We are also thinking of ways to expand the project such as incorporating Kinect so that users will be able to see their own movement in some sort of abstract forms and maybe have the option to send themselves their movements.

One of the biggest problems we have encountered so far is the limitation of file size per uploads in p5. It is very difficult to keep all video files under 5MB especially if we want to add sound to them later on. I also had issues documenting the project with screen recording while all the three displayed videos were lagging. Since neither of us knows coding that well, we went with p5 this time but are wondering if we should switch to another program for the next meditation.


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