Midterm Ideas

Brandon, Chian and I will be working on our midterm project together. We are interested in the sub basement of the Tisch building and want to make something without a projector (unless we can find a location that is capable of mounting a projector distant from the work).

Ideas that we are interested in:

1. Reversible/ ambiguous figure (optical illusion with tape or laser)

2. Infinity/ false direction (false exit signs, arrows along the stairwell creating confusing direction, a door that leads to nowhere )

3. Peephole (looking through a hole in the wall, light coming through cracks around a door)

Potential locations:

1. Stairs/ steps for reversible/ ambiguous figure

2. Hallway for false direction

3. Hole in the wall/ door crack

Our favorite is this door below. Ideally, we would have light installed behind the door and have it came through the crack. However, we are not sure if we will have access to the key. An alternative will be installing a door with a lock elsewhere but it might be difficult to accomplish.



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