Time gives way to duration while duration constructs waiting. I want to explore how the experience of waiting can evoke nostalgia. 12 Wenhai Street was piece I made last year based on memories and architecture of a childhood apartment I was particularly drawn towards. I hope to continue my curiosity for 12 Wenhai Street in this VR simulation project.   

I am interested in creating an elevator memory ride. An idea I have to simulate the experience of waiting is by creating different waiting times, from riding the elevator to navigating different rooms. User will begin the experience in the elevator by hitting one button. Once the user arrived at the designated floor, they will enter either a room or a balcony. All rooms are either empty or with very few objects. There will be stories that will only be triggered at a set point of time. 

Elevator opens to 12th floor balcony view

Due to time restrain and technical limitation, I will begin with 12th floor which is a balcony view of sky and lake at sunset. First part of a story will be triggered as soon as the user stepped out of the elevator while the other part will only play at night.

I don’t have much thoughts on other floors/rooms yet but I would like to go with a palette similar to these photos I took of my apartment.   

Waiting in the elevator, observing the passage of time (sunset to nightfall) and anticipation for something to happen (stories played only at set times) are elements I want to incorporate in my project. 

Questions I currently have:

  1. How to trigger sound?
  2. How to simulate elevator movement?
  3. How to build a changing sky based on real time?

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