Soma Tarot pt 2

Erin and I decided to continue our Soma Tarot project. Referencing different archetype analysis from online and The Little Monsters Tarot Guidebook, we created our own interpretation of the six cards we currently have (The Devil, Hermit, Moon, Death, The Fool, Hanged-man).

We added special effects to our recorded interpretations to produce cyborg voiceovers. With much help from Leon, we imported the voiceovers into our code to match up with specific videos after shuffling. When user click on the card, the video behind will reveal itself along with the voiceover. The videos will play in loop while the voiceover will only play once.

Our goal for the next meditation is to create more cards (both movement and voiceover) and also work on possible ways to set the project up that allow it to exist beyond the screen.

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