Midterm Progress

This week, we experimented with three concepts: looking up the stairwell, fake door and peephole.

Our first idea was to build a floating figure or object on top of the stairwell. We used a piece of fabric to test out how much material we would need and it was a lot. We then moved on to creating a fake door.

We wanted to avoid using a projector since we have no control over the lights in the stairwell yet we projected several door images onto the wall to get a better sense of what it might look like and it actually looked surprisingly well. However, fabricating and installing a physical door would be a challenge unless we make a smaller door or only the outline of the door constructed with tape.

We also wanted to experiment with the peephole concept and perhaps to combine it with our fake door idea. After placing an iPhone image behind the lens, we looked through the peephole and the result was pretty effective. We would probably need a larger screen, perhaps an iPad, to display an image big enough to cover the entire depth field.

We are still figuring out how to combine the two ideas but will first work on ways to install the peephole and conceal the iPad.

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