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I took a trip to Home Depot and here is a list of interesting soft related items I found:

1. Bendable Retrieving Magnet. I think magnets are very fun to work with and I am quite amazed by the flexibility of this small piece of magnet strap that can reach almost any place that small metal objects can fall. 

2. Strap-Toggle. I read through the instruction and was still having a bit of trouble understanding how it works exactly but I thought it was quite a clever way of increasing friction between the screws and wall by using the flexibility that those straps have to insert into a concrete.  

3. Vacuum Breaker. I am intrigued by its ability to block something as micro as dust particles. I also like the material a lot and thought I might incorporate it into future projects. 

4. Toilet Gasket. I find its ability to hold up water pressure as well as flexibility to adjust to different toilet structures fascinating. 

5. Clear Vinyl. I like its semi-transparency and also the fact that it is flexible yet with a light hard structure. I would like to experiment with colored liquid inside the tubes and to avoid leakage perhaps by combining it with the toilet gasket. 

6. Magic Peel & Stick Caulk. It is always difficult to adhere or to separate wet and dry material. This magic caulk sounds totally magical and amazing. I would love to try it on my own bathtub. 

7. Poly Foam Caulk Saver. Another moisture repellent yet made of something so easily accessible. 

8. Faucet Connector. My kitchen faucet comes with this type of connectors and I think it was such a convenient item to have for cleaning the sink. Similar to vinyl tubes, I find the combination of flexibility and hard-ish structure of these faucet connectors interesting. 

9. The Drain Weasel Hair Clog Tool. Getting hair out of the drain is always a pain due to the small closure of the drain and also the fact that most drains get dirty quickly no matter how often you clean. I think this hair clog tool is such a great invention and would totally keep one for myself. 

10. BX/AX Cable. Similar to vinyl tubes and faucet connectors, I like the combination of flexibility and hard-ish structure. I also love the color of these tubes!  

11. Duster. It is something so mundane yet I find its ability to catch something as micro as dust particles fascinating. I also love the soft texture and would like to incorporate it into future projects. 

Selfie in the store! 

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