Who’s Your Baby

Inspired by the concept of automatic writing, Erin and I expanded our T-eye the Knot business. After the first step of wedding song consultation comes the service of receiving a message from your future child. Intrigued? Continue reading to find out more.

I am going to start off by updating the technical progress we made for T-eye the Knot. We invested a good amount of time on Pupil Labs eye tracker over the week/end. Through trial & error, we came up with the conclusion that the hardware was rather delicate and the program was not user friendly and was not detecting the pupil accurately hence definitely not the best choice for our project. We switched over to Processing with OpenCV’s color tracking but haven’t had enough time to fully experiment it yet. 

Moving forward to part two service of T-eye the Knot – Who’s Your Baby, users can now hear messages from their future child by clicking the moving mri scans of fruit that they are drawn to. Each fruit has a different personality. Some are routy and others are weird. There might be some arguments when picking a fruit since the majority of people who would come in for consultation will most likely come in pairs…but that’s what makes it fun!

Our ultimate goal is to combine all services together (there might be a third) onto one screen (or installation). For now, we placed the intro to Who’s Your Baby right after part one. Users will then click on the link below the video to interact with the piece.

~ Click here to receive a message from your future baby ~



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