Einstein’s Dreams

In the Prologue of Einstein’s Dreams, Lightman scrutinizes the notion of time through different fictional narratives that revolves around the theory of relativity.

I was especially intrigued by the idea of time having three dimensions which parallels objects having the ability to move in three perpendicular directions. It allowed me to speculate us human being’s relationship with time which we tend to accept it as one absolute truth when in fact three different outcomes could happen simultaneously in one universe yet in different dimension.

These narratives reminded me of Lars von Trier’s Melancholia (2011). It is a science fiction art film that pivots around the stories of two sisters while a rogue planet collides with Earth. Justine, a bride who suffers from depression, ends her catastrophic wedding by rejecting her fiance. At the same time in another dimension, the rogue planet Melancholia is moving closer and closer to Earth and is destined to soon end the world. Are the two events connected? It is plausible that Justine’s eccentric behavior can be influenced by Melancholia yet the movement of Melancholia can also affect Justine’s depression due to astrophysics. The two events are able to intertwin in the acasual world and defies the our preconception of time.

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