Finals Update

This week Brandon and I made our first attempt to create a partition out of a spotlight, a mirrorball, a moving dmx, speakers and leds.

We have been location scouting since last week but still couldn’t find a suitable space and hence we did our experiments in the micro studio. We wanted to create a partition out of “nothing” yet it was very difficult to create invisible “walls” out of light without any smoke like the following image.

We then moved onto the moving dmx. The effect was a bit too tacky but could potentially work into the aesthetic if we want to take a more literal route.

Our final experiment of the night was with a mirrorball and leds. We made led strips with light shafts and attached them to a hula hoop. Both items were hung from the ceiling.

We played around with movements of light and color. The spot lights that mirrorball create looked much better when it was spinning.

We also tried to build directional-ish speakers by placing two speakers on different corners of the space. The result was not as bad as we thought it would be but we would definitely need to build our own parabolic speakers to get the effect we want.

We ordered a white diffusion umbrella used in photo studios and will try to build our own parabolic speakers and lights out of it that will more or so look like the following sketch.

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