Dancing Avatar

This week I got to learn how to morph my 3D scanned body. It was a long process but very exciting seeing my avatar come into life.

After resizing my model in Maya, I began the morphing process in Wrap 3.

My model was quite different from the base model so I added about 50 pins to ensure an accurate morph.

My right arm had a little extra background texture from the scan and I also had my shoe on but I kind of like strange and off arm and feet look.

I then put the model back in Maya to check on the polygons. It’s especially strange looking at my body in this form without any texture. I look like hybrid of a medieval sculpture and a humanoid robot.

I had a lot of fun trying out different movements on Mixamo. My favorite two moves are belly dancing and using a touchscreen. I love the odd combination of a serious face with exaggerated belly dance moves.

I also find the touch screen movement interesting as it is an action most people perform several times a day. It is such a mundane move that I didn’t realize how awkward and unfamiliar it appeared from a distance.

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