Unison Movement

For this week’s assignment, I imported my model into Unreal. After applying textures and adjusting physics, I began playing around with different animations. I have trouble applying the alternative physics to my avatar but will work on it this week.


Thoughts on this week’s reading:

I actually saw Jordan Wolfson VR “Real Violence” at the Whitney Biennial last year. I was aware how that many audience thought it was an effective piece as it really did simulate violence in real life. However, I had an opposite reaction which made me question what the purpose of the piece was. For me, it was so much like a footage from real life that it didn’t leave me any room to think about the why this particular type of violence was so un-relatable that the experience needed to be re-enforced in virtual reality. I was wondering in what context should VR be used. I think it could be a powerful tool for voicing social issues yet the execution cannot just be a journalist approach without any room for interpretation.


Final project proposal:

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