CNC Wire Bending

Tired of bending wires by hand? CNC wire benders aka automatic wire cutting and bending machines will make your wire sculptor dream come true.

R Series







OR Series

Can process pipe bending.


DR Series

Bends both sides with simultaneous control. Great for creating a long symmetrical shape.


File Formats





Wire Bending Service

Master Spring & Wire Form Co.

Cost varies based on material, design and volume


DIWire bender

The First Desktop Wire Bender by Pensa Labs

Accessible, affordable and easy to set up. Available at Tandon MakerSpace.

Software: Wireware V1 

-Bends wire up to a maximum angle of 135°.
-Wire bends form a 2D shape, some 3D shapes are possible by manually rotating wire between bends.

Compatible Wire:
-0.063″ (1.6mm) or 0.125″ (3.2 mm) diameter in most metals, coated or uncoated, and some plastics.
-Some tubing may be bent, but the maximum bend angle will be limited.

Set up tutorials:

Example projects



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