Interview with Madbunnykim

When I uploaded a 3D scan of myself onto my instagram @madbunnykim several weeks ago, I received many comments of “Is that you?”, “It looks so much like you”, “It looks disturbingly real!” from friends who know me well IRL. Contemplating those feedback made me realize that I actually have the power to create an imaginary persona hosts in a body of my likeness.   


We discussed a lot about avatar and identity in class and I especially love the idea of using an avatar to present who you want to be that is not necessarily the same as who you were born with. Our mind is so vast that is sometime difficult to be fully expressed due to physical limitations. Drawing inspiration from LaTurbo Avedon who exists as a performance artist only in the virtual world, I decided to create a digital representation of me as the most pretentious celebrity artist you could ever encounter.

I often found that many interview contents with celebrities consist of the interviewees’ hobbies, personality questions or romantic relationships that are rather irrelevant to their talent. I want to incorporate this kind of banality and randomness into an interview with Madbunnykim where she shares a slice of life with her admirers in her 2 million apartment. Despite knowing how ridiculous and annoying Madbunnykim acts, I still secretly dream of being her – living a glamorous life and getting attention for nothing. As someone who studied fine art for undergrad, I am quite exhausted by the rules and culture in the industry. I want to respond to those nonsense in the art world with humor through this piece. I also want to channel the sense of uncanny and explore how much human emotions can be delivered by blending a humanoid with a synthetic voice.

Moving forward: 

As shown in the video, the animation transitions were a bit rough. I made many attempts on making animations in blend space but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to figure out how to apply them onto a non-third person character and play automatically in a timeline. I think odd motion works well with the aesthetic but I definitely want to smooth some transitions and also fix the camera movement.

This piece is presented as a video on my Vimeo channel at the moment. I would like to continue making a few more short interview films and was wondering what would be a better way to present them. Perhaps a video blog?

Hafi suggested that I check out Vogue’s 73 Questions where they get insights into celebrities’ “personal” life through video interviews. I just watched a few and was quite fascinated by how staged and well-produced these interviews about the supposedly mundane lives of celebrities were. I would definitely want to reference some questions they used as well as their film styles in the future.

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