Future Monument

Nudity is often accepted when used in the context of art, performance or theater. However, it is a taboo subject in most other scenarios.

When you see a paragraph of code on a clay tablet, you probably will regard it as some sort of artifact from the Sumerian and wouldn’t pay much attention to it unless you are doing relevant research. What if I told you that the code is actually the binary code of a nude image of someone you might know? Intrigued? Too bad you won’t be able to see the image until 20 years later when we become cyborgs and hybrids.

“Future Nudes” is a collaboration between Roland and I. The idea is to turn our nude portraits into binary code, etched them into small pieces of wet clay, burn them and then install them on a neon yellow acrylic book rack with spaces in between so you can see individual layers. The ultimate goal is to build a system where either a robot arm or an automatic belt will read the code aloud per tablet.

We need to break the image of Roland into 12 pieces and each piece of clay takes time to form and etch. We currently have 6 tablets done and ready to be fire. We will continue finish the other half and then work on the execution.

Technology has changed the way we memorize someone and formed new rituals. In the past, when a loved one passed away, we kept his or her photographs and belongings. Nowadays, we have data that is tangible yet personal yet we have not reach a total state of digitization. We want to find a way to connect the physical and digital to reflect on our current state hence we decided to create a future monument with clay tablets as re-envisioned tombstones to preserve the intimate data of our naked body.¬†Perhaps by establishing this new ritual, we would approach nudity with more positivity. No more condescending texts like “send nudes”.

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