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Since Tinder’s launch in 2012, many similar apps appear. Online dating became popularized among the millennials. Meeting new people was much easier than before. Modern romance was born. Terms like casual but not a hookup; exclusive yet not too “serious” become recurring discussion topics you have with your potential partner, your friends and also conversations you overhear at restaurants, on public transportation or in universities. It seems like the introduction of these dating apps have effectively work in our new favor of promoting non-binary relationships over the conventions. However, I heard so many complaints about commitment issues, conflicts between expectation and reality, losing faith in dating and love. Why are so many people frustrated about dating nowadays? Has our expectation and perception of love really changed? My dream is to find answers to these questions.


I want to create a female digital entity “Audrey” through Google Home. She will not only have a physical presence but also an online profile like any other Tinder user. Only the person who matches with her online can go on a date with her in real life. Their first date will take place at a gallery with a table set in the center of the space with Audrey sitting on top on one end and a chair on the other edge for her date. The rest is up to the two.


There are too many problems in modern relationships that we put up with everyday. We pretend that we can live with those issues yet they are always bothering our minds in reality. The idea behind Audrey is to not pose an opinion on how modern men should behave but rather create an ongoing dialog of our current attitude towards love and romance.


Feb 14 – Research. Study films, books and podcasts that pivots around the topic of love and romance.

March 7 – Look for venue. Develop content.

March 28 – User Testing 1. Continue develop content.

April 1 – User Testing 2. Refine content.

April 18 – Final date at the gallery.

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