Roaming around

I made a lot of progress this past 1.5 week. With much help from Shawn, Nico and Dan, I have successfully:

1) assigned eight audio files to different coordinates (visit my GitHub Repository)


2) stylized the interface to millennial pink


3) uploaded my code to the server and had it running and location tracking on your phone


Next steps for tech development:

  1. add a script when you are in a “no story” zone to assure users the app is running
  2. add an alert to enable your location if users have switched off their location tracking function in their browser (this happened to one user who couldn’t access any stories because he had permanently disabled his Chrome location).
  3. integrate push notification when stumble upon a story zone

I began to think maybe it is not necessary to integrate my project into a standalone app. An URL like what I have now already delivers my intention.

For Quick and Dirty (work in progress show and tell), I scaled NYC to the floor since I can’t track location with incredibly little margin through wifi. I created QR codes with eight locations (NYU ITP, NYU Computer Science, St Marks Pl, Mar’s, NYC Bagel and Coffee House, Nowadays, Borough Hall, Broken Land) that linked to individual pages for each audio file and placed them in different parts of the floor with pink duck tape. Users can scan the QR code and listen to various NYC modern love stories.


I also created a big sign-up sign because I need more stories. Thanks to audio tips and suggestions from Devin and Kat, I was able to book an a/v recording booth at Laguardia Co-op on Saturday for three hours. I asked everyone who stopped by my table to sign up for a 20 minute recording session and got a few responses which was incredible!


During Quick and Dirty, many people visited my table wanting to learn more about my project. Many of them scanned the QR codes but said they would listen to the stories later due to the loud and chaotic environment we were in. For those that listened, they were actually intrigued by the stories and all of them finished listening at least one story. Many of them have lived in NYC for more than three years and told me they found the stories incredibly relatable.


A few of my visitors had never use an QR code before and wasn’t aware that smartphones have built-in scanning function. The setup was a little misleading since many of my visitors thought I would be putting these QR codes all around the city for people to scan them which is an interesting idea but I don’t think that will be a path to pursue as of now.

Overall, the feedback I received were mostly positive which confirms that there is indeed an audience for my project.

Next steps for content development:

  1. Follow-up with everyone who signed up to share their stories
  2. Prepare for love story recording session on Saturday

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