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I booked an A/V room at Laguardia Co-op this past Saturday for a 4 hour recording session. A few awesome classmates came in throughout the afternoon for 30 minute each to record their NYC dating story.


Some feedback I received last week was that I should set a tone for my stories. New York Times Modern Love short essays are scripted and curated while Humans of New York’s interviews are based on specific questions. Thanks to Suzanne’s suggestion of looking at Brandon Stanton’s storytelling approach, I was able to better prepare myself for Saturday’s recording session.

Instead of following a semi-free talk format like what I had with other stories, I asked my participates to use the following questions as storytelling guidelines:

  • Where did you meet this person? (Dating app, friend’s party…)
  • Can you describe where you went for your first date?
  • What was a memorable place you’ve been together and how did you feel?
  • What was an unexpected or surprising moment?
  • Was there anything that you wish you would’ve done differently?

Those questions definitely helped my participates in telling their story as well as getting comfortable to share the details as time goes on. The result turned out great and I am beyond grateful with all the support!

Persistent outreach is now officially done. I still want to collect more stories but now I am going to shift my focus to EDITING. 

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