Innie or Outtie

For our truth or dare assignment, we decided to redesigned the game into “Innie or Outtie” to encourage self-care.

We will start the game with a group of two or more. Player 1 will ask Player 2 to pick between “innie” and “outtie”. Player 1 will then give a positive suggestion according to Player 2’s choice. Innie is something you do for yourself while outtie is something the whole group do together.

We did a play test among me, Suzanne and August. August began the game and asked Suzanne to pick between innie and outtie. Suzanne picked outtie and August suggested that we all stretch for a minute. Afterwards, Suzanne repeated the same process with me and I picked innie. Suzanne asked me to talk about what I was grateful for and I responded “my family”. I then repeated the process with August. He also picked innie and I suggested him to set a reminder on his phone to ensure he leaves this floor by 9:30pm tonight.

Designing sexual experiences

Engaging in consented sexual activities is pleasurable and natural to human’s biological need yet sex is often a taboo subject in society and even “shameful” to a more conservative culture. As an ex-Berliner and burner, I have attended a good amount of sex positive parties where people were opening having intercourse by the dance floor. It was weird for me to witnessed that for the first time in the beginning of my Berlin life four years ago. As liberal as New York City is, what was acceptable at a standard techno party in Berlin would never be allowed here in the US.

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