ICM Week 6

Many new materials to learn this week! Even though I understand the concepts of HTML and Javascript, I am still a little unclear as to how to differentiate the two elements since you do construct most of them in Javascript. For the assignment, I tried out some DOM elements such as mouseOver, mouseOut, slider and button. I didn’t come up with that much text to play around with in css but will incorporate more next week!

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ICM Week 1

First ever ITP post here! Transitioning from fine art into coding has been tough so far. Instead of directly applying paint I have previously mixed on a palette into the shape of a fish on a canvas, drawing in p5.js editor had similar process but in a complete different language. I created a mini aquarium because I like to collect underwater video footages. It was especially difficult to get the position and size of each bubble right. I had to test out several numbers. However, it took me the longest to get the color I want in each shape as well as the decorative grass at the bottom. I couldn’t figure out a way to repeat the triangle on its own so I had to duplicate and change the parameter one by one.

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