Mousin’ around

I’ve been wanting to come up with a creative application from what I learned from each week’s lab yet I didn’t feel comfortable doing so with my limited experience in programing as well as physical computing. It was until just now that I began to develop a better understanding in  electric circuits and hence I decided to make my first attempt in creating something fun this week!

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Observation + Labs: Digital and Analog

For this week’s assignment, I decided to observe people using CVS’ self check-out machine. It involves three steps: scanning your items, placing your scanned items into the bag and pay with either credit card or cash.

I find this piece of interactive technology very convenient to use. However, I recalled taking a few tries to learn how to operate it properly when I was first introduced to it and hence I wanted to see how other people interact with the machine.

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What is Interaction?

Both Crawford and Victor brought up the importance of human’s input, process and output in any interactivity. I agree with their argument and will define interaction myself as two individuals (or one individual and an object) responding to each other.

Reading Crawford’s categorization on what non-interactive activities are such as dancing to music and watching a movie allowed me to re-think what art work I have considered as interactive.

I saw Hito Steyerl’s video installation Factory of the Sun at the Whitney Biennale last year where she utilized darkness, blue perspective grid light and large video projection on a tilted screen to create an immersive cinema.

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