Lip Bubble

After researching on inflatable silicon objects and installations, I knew I want to make something coming out of the wall. There were many different directions to take yet I was most interested in making a “kissing wall” with multiple lips that will respond to the user’s relative distance to the object. Due to time restrain and limited knowledge in 3D modeling,  I made a mini lip blowing bubble as a starting point.

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Time gives way to duration while duration constructs waiting. I want to explore how the experience of waiting can evoke nostalgia. 12 Wenhai Street was piece I made last year based on memories and architecture of a childhood apartment I was particularly drawn towards. I hope to continue my curiosity for 12 Wenhai Street in this VR simulation project.    Continue reading “Waiting”

It’s pretty. But is it rare?

Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain is a standard porcelain urinal yet also a icon of 20th century art. As a member of Society of Independent Artists, when Duchamp submitted Fountain to their inaugural exhibition in 1917 signed under the pseudonym “R. Mutt”, the board of directors who were bound by the constitution’s rule to accept all members’ submissions decided to exclude Fountain from the show.

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